How to Measure

How to measure your dog for a collar or harness.

It can be difficult to know what size harness, or collar your dog needs - the best way to ensure a perfect fit is to measure. 

The diagram below will help you find the correct size for your dog or cat. All you need is a flexible tape measure or a piece of string or floss  and a ruler.  You can measure the floss or string against the ruler to get the size required.

  • For a harness, you will need to measure "A" for the neck and "C" for the chest.
  • When measuring the neck for a harness, measure a little below where his or her collar sits, as a harness will sit a little lower.  
  • For a collar, you will need to measure "A" for the neck, (where his or her collar sits) always be sure to leave 2 fingers room.


measure for dog harness