What is a dog collar, and why does your dog need one?

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Sixty-Five perfect of Australian households own a dog, and they are the most common pets in Australia. Dogs provides security and companionship for their owners and families, and if treated correctly, they become one of the family.

What is a collar, and why does your dog need one?

A collar is a piece of material or band put around the neck of a dog for a number of reasons. Collars have so many functions and reasons listed below:

  • For Identification: This is one of the most important reasons for getting a collar. By using a collar, you can identify your dog anytime, any day even in the midst of a crowd of dogs. In any case, your dog goes missing; it can easily be traced if your contact details are on the collar. It is necessary that on your dog's collar, you include your dog's name, your name, your contact, and your address if need be.
  • For Training: Collars are important for a dog's training; it assists in training. However, it may take quite a while for your dog to be fully comfortable with a collar. So, therefore, take it easy with your dog when you start training it to use a collar. It is necessary to train your dog, and you should start your dog training as soon as possible. It could be quite difficult at first as the dog is trying to learn some basic commands, but you will eventually get the hold of it and come around it. You can train your dog by using games or basic commands like sit, stand and so on. You can also use tricks and positive reinforcement to train your dog.
  • For Fashion purposes: A collar can be used as a fashion accessory for dogs. It adds to the look of your dog. Beautiful collars with nice designs make your dog look classy and exquisite.
  • For Safety and Security purposes: A collar helps to ensure the safety and security of your dog because it includes name tags, along with your name.
  • For Road walks and adventure: You may want to take road walks to the park or go on an adventure into the woods with your dog, and for this a collar is also necessary.

In all, collars are used for identification purposes, security reasons, fashion purposes, for restraint and in the case of a missing or stray dog.

There are so many types of dog collars made perfectly to suit any type and breed of dog. They include flat collars, also known as buckle collars and training collars (martingale collars), amongst others.

It should, however, be noted that your dog's collar should not be too tight. Two of your fingers should be able to fit between your dog's collar and your dog's neck.

Dogs grow, and their collars do not grow with them. Therefore, it is advisable that you change your dog's collar once two fingers don't fit anymore.

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