Zippy Paws BURROW - Santa's Milk & Cookies

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Treat your dog to a fun and festive interactive dog toy with the ZippyPaws Holiday Santa’s Milk & Cookies Burrow!

Your milk and cookies this holiday season won’t be for Santa this year! The Santa’s Milk & Cookies Burrow is a unique interactive dog toy featuring a Burrow shaped like a milk carton and 3 squeaky miniature cookies. Just stuff the cookies inside the Burrow through the openings and let your dog dig out these squeaky treats! It’s a beginner-friendly hide-and-seek dog puzzle game to entertain and mentally stimulate your pet.

Each cookie contains one small round squeaker to entice your dog and engage in the Burrow, or use separately as miniature squeaky dog toys for multiple dogs! You can also use different ZippyPaws Miniz toys with the Santa’s Milk Carton Burrow, or you can use the cookies with other holiday-themed ZippyPaws Burrows, available here at Lucky Pet Supplies.

Why Do Dogs Burrow or Dig?

The burrowing or digging behaviour is common among dogs, and there are several common factors and reasons for this instinctive action. Maybe you’ve seen your dog bury their toys in the backyard or ducked under your covers. So what causes your dog to do this?

  • Security and Comfort: In the wild, some animals burrow to create safe homes for their families, and your dog’s natural burrowing instincts can cause them to search for some type of safety or comfort. If your dog is stressed or afraid, they can start burrowing in random areas, such as your bed or couch, to relieve themselves and find comfort and security.
  • Desire to Bond: If your dog burrows under the covers to get closer to you, it’s a way for them to bond with you and be close to you.
  • The Cold: To keep warm, your dog may burrow somewhere to find warmth. Simple as that!

Note: Always consult your vet if you think your dog’s burrowing behaviour has become more obsessive and has increased in frequency over time. This can be caused by a number of things, such as stress due to a new environment. Burrowing toys like the Zippy Burrow is meant for entertainment purposes, but may help with satisfying your dog’s instincts of burrowing. 


  • Holiday-themed interactive burrowing dog toy designed to look like a milk carton and comes with 3 squeaky cookies!
  • Can help your dog relieve any stress or anxiety that may be causing any burrowing or digging acts
  • Keeps your dog entertained and doubles as a fun, mentally challenging hide-and-seek puzzle
  • 1 small round squeaker in each stuffed cookie toy to engage your dog in playtime
  • Cookies can be used separately as a fun, miniature squeaky dog toy
  • Cookies can be used with other ZippyPaws Burrows and milk carton burrow can be used with other mini squeaky toys to switch things up!
  • Great Christmas gift for your dog – says “For Santa” on the milk carton

Set Includes:

1 Milk Carton Burrow

3 Small Squeaky Cookies

Dimensions: 22cm x 16.5cm x 16.5cm

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I will never buy harnesses or leashes from anywhere else! The products from this shop are well made, durable, and super cute. And the customer service is top notch - they go above and beyond to make sure you and your pet are happy.

Lauren B

I accidentally ordered the wrong size, but luckily I was able to get a different size, and compliments my fur baby so well! Communication and care for their customers is great, and fast! I’m very happy with my order. Thank you.

Gooseberry Hill, Australia

Great harness that looks amazing. Couldn't have asked for better product.

Banks, Australia

Super happy with my purchase yet again, gorgeous harness, exceptional service from this vendor every time! Thank you so much!

ST IVES, Australia

Lovely harness, my second from Dizzy. Fits beautifully and is very strong.

CLAPHAM, Australia

These harnesses are strong and superb quality. I have a 13 week Kelpie and the S/M fits perfectly right now (with a bit of room with adjustment). I also got the next size up to cater for her growing body and I would buy again in an instant. Thanks you!!

Australind, Australia

BEAUTIFUL! Amazing customer service, perfect sizing and delivery. Quality is superb. Second set for my dog in 3ish years and she looks gorgeous!

Singapore, SG

Really beautiful harness, bright colours, easy to put on, washable, fantastic. Worth the money spent 💓

Resana, Italy

Beautiful harness! Easy to put on our puppy and comfortable for her to wear. Would definitely recommend this product.

Oakville, Canada

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