Extend the life of your dog and cat accessories

A maltese dog wearing a butterfly print dog harness and lead

Whether your pet is a peaceful and placid homebody or an energetic adventurer, it’s normal for their accessories to experience some general wear and tear. But when you discover your absolute favourite print that so perfectly matches your pup’s pawsonality, sometimes you just want that one collar and lead to last forever! Many of our products are carefully handmade designer pieces that will last a long time when cared for properly. 

While no collar is indestructible, we have some tips and tricks to keep your pet’s accessories in great condition. Washing and maintaining their accessories also helps to keep your fur kid safe, happy and healthy. Find our tips for washing, drying, alternating and storage below. Remember to check the materials and care suggestions on our website for your specific product.


If you’ve been out and about on dog-friendly adventures, swimming at the beach, running through puddles and mud, or showing off your favourite accessories on your daily walkies, it’s probably time for a clean.

You can machine wash or hand wash your Dizzy Dog Collar Co collars, leads and harnesses (except for leather and vegan leather). We recommend using a mild detergent, washing with similar colours and a temperature of no more than 30 degrees Celsius. 

Another accessory you’ll want to clean regularly is your car seat cover. We recommend wiping it down or a hose wash only, then hanging to dry in the shade. Our covers utilise a non-slip base so are not suitable for machine washing. Due to their size, machine washing is not recommended in order to avoid catching the material during the washing cycle.


Hang your collars, leashes and harnesses in the shade, or lay flat to dry. We don’t advise tumble drying your accessories. Any creases may be ironed on a moderately warm iron under a cotton cloth - don’t iron directly onto the product. Iron in one direction only. We do not recommend ironing fabric harnesses. 

Alternate with other options

Alternating with other options, just as we do with our own clothing, can help to extend the life of your pet’s accessories and reduce general wear and tear. We recommend switching between a number of your pet's favourite collars, leads and harnesses throughout the year, as well as a regular check for damage to ensure your pet’s safety.


The wear and tear of your pet’s accessories will also depend on their lifestyle. If your dog is particularly active, swimming every day, or is generally a rough and tumble pooch, we suggest having a collar specifically for home. Then they can keep their special designer accessories fresh for doggy dates, days out and the like.

It’s also a good idea to take lifestyle into account when choosing your harness style. For example, the H-harness is a great style for swimming. Feel free to contact us for advice when choosing your harness style.

At home

Don’t leave a harness on your dog or cat when you are not walking them. Harnesses aren’t designed for any use other than walking and are not made to withstand normal day-to-day playing. 


We recommend storing your dog and cat accessories indoors, out of the weather and direct sunlight. Many of our customers have their own pet cupboard and we’ve seen some awesome storage hacks!

Regular cleaning and maintenance mean you can hold on to your favourite accessories for longer. It also keeps your pet’s safe, looking good and feeling comfortable, which is exactly what we want for our furry best friends who bring so much joy to our lives.