Dog walking must-haves: Our five essential accessories

A Dalmatian dog wearing a dog harness and lead on a dog walk

Heading out for a W-A-L-K? You’ve got your shoes on and your pup is eagerly warming up with some pre-walkies tail wags. Hold up, it’s not as simple as grabbing a leash and stepping out the door. You need to ensure you’re prepared for toilet time, keep your energetic pooch safe and secure, and somehow cart your keys, phone and other necessary items as well.

Let us help make your dog walks more comfortable and convenient. We'll guide you through our best dog-walking accessories to set you up for a great walk. 

Collar with tags

If you’re like us, your dog is not just a dog, they’re family. If the worst were to happen and they went missing on a walk, it would be the end of life as we know it. A dog collar allows you to securely attach identification tags and emergency contact information on your pup at all times. 

Consider your requirements and your dog’s age and size when choosing your collar type. The Dizzy Dog Collar Co stocks collars ranging from puppy and cat collars, standard clip dog collars, martingale dog collars, belt buckle dog collars and extra wide dog collars. You can even jazz them up with an adorable bow tie.

Waste bag holder and waste bags

A waste bag holder is our must-have dog walking accessory number two - no pun intended. You’ll need poop bags and lots of them. And you’ll need somewhere handy to store them. No one wants to be caught out without a poop bag when their pooch goes number two on their neighbour Karen’s lawn - awkies! Grab yourself a waste bag holder designed for convenience, plus they’re super cute!

A properly fitted harness

Walks are just better with your dog by your side, and that’s where you’ll want to keep them. A properly fitted harness is the safest, most secure and most comfortable way to attach your dog to its leash. A decent harness will help to reduce pulling, increase control over your pup, and decrease stress on their neck and joints.

To choose the correct size, we advise measuring your dog’s neck and chest and then using the size guide found under each harness on our website. The type of harness you choose will depend on your pet’s size, breed and walking style. 


A sturdy and stylish lead is one of the most im-paw-tant items you’ll own as a dog parent. When heading out the door with your furry best friend, you need a leash you can rely on to ensure they remain safely by your side. 

You’ll want a comfortable handle to hold for the duration of your walk. And you’ll want to look stylish while you’re at it with a stand-out print and design. 

If you have multiple dogs you may like to try a lead splitter. Or you can even keep your hands available for coffee or your water bottle with a hands-free leash.

Adventure pouch

Our final must-have item is the adventure pouch. No one wants to juggle their keys, phone, and debit card while wrangling their excitable fur kid down the street. Our adventure pouch fits comfortably around your waist or over your shoulder, and will also fit your lip balm, training treats, hand sanitiser and more. 

If you love an all-matching set, you can find collars, harnesses, leads, waste bag holders and adventure pouches in matching prints by clicking "find matching items" throughout our online store. 

With the right kit, walking your dog will be the highlight of your day. Check out our online store for all of the quality pet parent items mentioned above. We love providing a hassle-free shopping experience where you can grab everything you need in a single paw-chase!