Reset your dog’s walking manners with a no-pull harness

A staffie dog wearing a no pull harness and lead running on grass

Are your dog walks feeling like an extreme sport? Heading out for a walk with your pup should be one of the best parts of your day, there’s nothing better than quality time with the fur kid. However, if your furry pal is a little over-enthusiastic and dragging you down the street, walkies may be a not-so-enjoyable experience. 

There are a number of tips and tricks when it comes to teaching your dog not to pull on the lead. To get started, you'll need the right tools.

Invest in a no-pull harness

We recommend investing in a front clip no-pull harness, such as the Dizzy Dog Collar Co Heavy-Duty No-Pull harness, or the No-Pull Harness for Dogs and Cats. The best thing about a no-pull harness is that it's easy to use, and has an immediate impact. 

How does it work?

A no-pull harness features a D-ring attachment at the front. Begin by clipping your lead here. Then, when your dog moves ahead and tries to pull, the lead goes off to the side rather than straight back. This redirects your dog’s attention towards you and discourages pulling. It allows you greater control over your pup’s movement and gives you the ability to correct their behaviour. 

Using this tool with consistent training and reward can help reset your dog’s walking manners. Our no-pull harnesses also have a back D-ring attachment available for securing your dog in the car, or for normal walking.

Some essential training tips

  1. Stay consistent - choose a training method and stick with it. Keep training sessions short and fun.
  2. Practice in an area without distractions. Choose a quiet time of day somewhere without crowds or other dogs. 
  3. Praise your dog for good walking behaviour and use treats as rewards. Incentives will encourage your dog to repeat its positive behaviour.

With the right tools, training and plenty of love, you can make daily walks with your furry bestie the best part of your day. Your pup will love this special time with you.