How to keep your dog entertained when they’re home alone

A shih tzu dog at home on the couch

In a perfect world, our dogs would always be with us. Dogs need stimulation and they love to be with their humans, so leaving them at home alone can be difficult. This is why we’re sharing 8 ideas to keep your furry bestie busy while you’re gone. 

  1. Exercise your dog before you leave. A brisk 30-minute dog walk is a great way to start the day and will set them up for a nice long nap. Alternatively, playing fetch or a training session in the yard can be just as good.
  2. Add some enrichment to your dog’s day by setting up food games around the house. Hide food and treats in puzzle feeders, snuffle mats, a sandpit, and hollow-core enrichment toys. Another fun idea is preparing frozen treats for prolonged enjoyment. On a budget? No problem - try out some DIY enrichment toys using empty plastic bottles, toilet paper rolls and cardboard boxes. Mix it up each day so that the games do not become routine.
  3. Leave some noise playing such as the television or radio. Some dog’s even like to watch a TV screen, and believe it or not there are actually TV shows, music and radio made specifically for pets.
  4. Leave some curtains open. Some dogs may enjoy a comfy dog bed by a window to watch the world go by. A quiet view may be more effective than a busy one.
  5. Provide a toy basket and keep the toys on rotation. Different toys each week will prevent your pup from getting bored of them.
  6. Organise for someone to stop in and visit. Depending on how long you are gone each day, you may like to try out a dog walker or have someone you know stop by. You could also have play dates with a friendly neighbour’s pooch.
  7. Interactive pet cameras can be a handy way to check in and interact with your dog while you’re not home. Some even have treat dispensers and two-way audio.
  8. Many areas have doggy daycare services. Socialisation even once a week can make a difference to your dog’s general mood.

Our puppers need stimulus to keep them happy and healthy. We hope these tips help to set your pup up for a great day, and you’ll be greeted with a big smile and waggy tail upon your return. Remember, it is best to remove accessories like dog collars, dog harnesses, and dog bandannas for their safety while at home.