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ZIPPY BURROW - Bucket of Fried Chicken


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Whether it's Friday night, Footy night, or just can't be bothgered night, even your dog needs a Bucket of Chicken sometimes.

It’s the KFC for dogs, and the Bucket of Chicken Zippy Burrow is a delightful and challenging puzzle game toy for your beloved canine. This toy features a bucket-shaped Burrow with three squeaky and friendly chicken legs that you hide inside the bucket for your dog to extract. It’s a great way for your dog to relieve stress and entertain their burrowing or digging urges! Each chicken leg includes one round squeaker and is stuffed for maximum comfort when playing.


  • Fun bucket of chicken Zippy Burrow hide-and-seek interactive dog toy
  • Features a red bucket with 3 squeaky drumsticks to hide inside the bucket
  • Great way to satisfy your pet’s burrowing/digging urges and relieve anxiety/stress
  • Mentally stimulating and challenging puzzle game for dogs
  • Keeps your dog entertained for hours

Design: Bucket of Chicken Zippy Burrow w/ 3 squeaky chicken drumsticks

Burrow Measurements: Approx. 14cm x 14cm x 15cm

Make the ZippyPaws Chicken Bucket Zippy Burrow a part of your dog’s daily entertainment!

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