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Satisfy your dog’s need for fun with the ZippyPaws Interactive Burrow Dog Toy!


NB, the polar bears now have a red scarf on their necks - not pictured 

Dogs have a natural instinct to burrow and dig, and, sometimes, these activities are used to relieve stress or anxiety. If you want to keep your canine from digging in the ground and bringing home muddy, dirty paws, this fun and unique burrow toy is just what your pooch needs!

The Zippy Burrow is a specially designed dog toy that features a burrow toy with several openings that your dog buries their snout through and uses their teeth to grab and pull out the squeaky toys inside. Each Burrow comes with three squeaky critters that your dog will love to play with separately as well.


  • Interactive dog toy and hide-and-seek puzzle game that encourages burrowing activity
  • Helps satisfy your pet’s need to burrow and dig
  • Features burrow toy with 3 smaller squeaky toys to place inside burrow
  • Soft and comfortable to play with and bite
  • Keeps your pet entertained for hours
  • Can be used with treats to further entice dog to play with the burrow
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs

Design: Polar Bear Igloo

Burrow Dimensions:ave: Approx. 18cm x 18cm x 15cm

Get the ZippyPaws Burrow Penguin Cave or Polar Bear Igloo for your pet!