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DOG HARNESS, Galaxy - Fully Padded H-Harness, With Front & Back Attachment - (Handmade to Order)


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 The Dizzy Dog Collar Co 

Dual Front Clip and Back Clip Harness

This Harness is designed for dogs over 7kg

The Dizzy Dog Collar Co H-Harness is designed to be a comfortable harness for strong dogs. It is highly adjustable and fully padded with a neoprene padding.

******This harness is made with a strong and durable material, and then lined with a thick neoprene padding; as this makes the harness thick, in order to make adjustments, you need to push the strapping through the sliders, not pull them. 

Once the harness is adjusted you should not have to make further adjustments, and you can walk your dog knowing he or she is feeling comfortable and free. Allow for 1-2cm fingers room between your dogs body and the harness.

If you would like a softer/ more pliable harness, consider one of our other H-Harnesses that are premade (don't say handmade to order in the title)******

Neck Fits 33cm-54cm
Chest Fits 44cm-75cm
Neck Fits 46cm-78cm
Chest Fits 60cm-104cm
Large/Extra Large
Neck Fits 58cm-99cm
Chest Fits 71cm-127cm
This harness features both a front leash ring attachment and a back leash ring attachment. Using the front attachment may help to redirect your dogs attention to you, and may discourage pulling. You can use the back attachment for securing your dog in the car, or for a balanced walk.

- Designed to help discourage pulling & to be comfortable. Fully Padded with neoprene.

- Highly Adjustable

- Welded D-ring at front and back.

- Matching Items:

Small = 2cm Width padded straps
Medium = 2.5cm Width padded straps
Large - 2.5cm Width padded straps 

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