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Giraffe - Interactive Dog Toy


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Keep your dog’s digging and burrowing behavior in control with the help of ZippyPaws Zippy Burrow toys!

If your furry companion loves to dig or bury their nose into things, the Zippy Burrow toy can help keep them entertained. Specially designed to curb your dog’s burrowing urges, the Burrow features holes on the sides that comfortably fit around your pet’s mouth.

To give your canine a mentally stimulating puzzle game, stuff the animals that come with the Burrow inside and encourage your dog to retrieve the toys. Squeeze the Burrow while the toys are hidden inside to release the fun squeaking sounds each stuffed animal makes to entice your pet to play. Both the Burrow and the squeaky critters are made from high-quality and soft material for chewing and biting comfort. Bring home one of the ZippyPaws Zippy Burrow toys so your dog can enjoy all day fun!


  • Versatile and entertaining dog toy that satisfies any canine’s burrowing needs
  • Openings on sides of burrow for easy access
  • Comes with 3 squeaky animal toys to fill the burrow or can be used separately
  • Challenges your pet and stimulates their mind
  • Great for solo play
  • Made with cushioned plush material that’s easy on the jaws

Design: Giraffe Lodge with 3 little giraffes

Dimensions: Approx. 20cm (diameter)

Cure boredom and keep your dog’s burrowing behaviour in check with the ZippyPaws Burrows!

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