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Mendota Double Braid Collar -Reflective Collar Blue (neck up tp 24")

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These soft, yet durable collars are adjustable and come with brass hardware.




1″ (2.5cm) x up to 18″ (46cm) neck,

1″(2.5cm) x up to 21″ (53.5cm) neck and

1″(2.5cm) x up to 24″ (61cm) neck

  Key Benefits

  • Made from a waterproof, vibrant, long lasting and multi-filament polypropylene material.
  • Reflective strip down the center provides safety and visibility during nighttime walks.
  • Braided design means no size holes, so you can push the buckle prong through at any spot.
  • Beautiful and durable silver hardware offer secure attachment with a D-ring for the leash.
  • Handmade in the USA with a variety of colours and neck sizes. 

Doublebraided collars are measured to the maximum neck size (e.g. the 18″ collar will fit all dog’s necks up to 18″) they do not have holes punched into them to take the buckle’s pin, the pin is simply (and easily) pushed through the material at the correct spot.

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