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Balanced Life Companion | Dog Treats | Crocodile & Salmon Sausage Dog Treat 7-Piece Pack

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Make your dog’s treats extra healthy and guilt-free with the high-protein, low-fat Balanced Life Crocodile & Salmon Sausage Dog Treat 7-Piece Pack!

Chewy and delicious, the Balanced Life Crocodile & Salmon Sausage Dog Treats are made with all-natural, Australian-sourced ingredients and made in an Australian family-owned facility. Each pack comes with 7 pieces of air-dried sausage treats and can be used for everyday healthy pet treats or for training. You can break each treat into smaller portions to make it easier to share with your dog. These dog treats are high in protein, but low in fat and are grain-free - ideal for dogs with allergies, food sensitivities or special diets. The sausages are gently air-dried in an eco-friendly kitchen with minimal energy.

What Is Air Drying?

Air-drying is a food preservation process that removes most of the moisture from raw ingredients (e.g., meats, vegetables, fruits) without destroying the natural nutrients and flavours. Air-dried pet treats typically have a chewy texture that dogs love and have healthier ingredients compared to traditional treats.


  • Australian-made air-dried crocodile & salmon sausage treats for dogs - great for snacking or training!
  • Low-fat, high-protein, and grain-free treat option for dogs that helps boost their health
  • Has natural omega fatty acids thanks to the salmon and adds extra protein in your dog’s diet
  • Irresistibly chewy texture that’s easy to eat and helps keep your dog satisfied
  • Gently air-dried raw, human-grade ingredients to ensure maximum nutritional value
  • Made in an Australian restaurant-grade wild game facility and eco-friendly kitchen
  • Easy to break apart in smaller pieces to portion treats for your pet
  • Family-owned business and operations
  • Ideal for all dogs to enjoy!


*Note: You do not have to rehydrate air-dried treats. They are ready to eat!

Quantity: 7 pieces per pack

Pouch Size: 180g

Calories: 89kcal per treat


Make the Balanced Life Crocodile & Salmon Sausage Dog Treat a staple in your pet’s diet!